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Innovativeness of Wholesale phone cases manufacturer

There is an old debate if the phone case is essential for us. Wholesale phone cases companies go for using the case. But most surprisingly, about 30 percent of smartphone users refuse to use phone cases. They rather like to go without cases and take their device no protection allowing thousands of dollars open to risk sometimes even thousands of dollars for.

Some of the users believe that why they should use cover why they will stop using the phone within 2-3 years. Why they should spend money on phone cases. They say that the phone is not like their car or house that they would give it protection with the phone case. Sure, it might be that you don’t like to handle your phone like your firstborn, but it’s perfect to be able to utilize it in the right way.

If you are still not convinced to use a phone case, here are 5 top reasons why you should use a phone case.


Selling your old phone to compensate or counterbalance the cost of your new phone is a big way to help someone else who is buying your phone and also to yourself.  The better the shape and scratch-free your phone is,  the more cash you’re going to get.  The phone case keeps your device so new that the buyers reach deeper into their pocket to pay for it.

Insurance coverage

If you don’t have insurance coverage of your phone, the cover will give you the benefit of insurance. It will keep it safe for weeks or years. You’ll remain confident all through with insurance like cover when you have no insurance at all.

Impact Protection

You need better care to protect your phone without a case. In summer sultry weather you need to take extra care to keep your phone safe from sweating. Wouldn’t be nice to pick up the phone instead of holding your breath so that it might not get damage. There are many Wholesale phone cases even the clear ones offer you dependable drop defense for your device. Even a thin layer of shock-absorbent cover can save your screen from ruin when it acts as a blockade between the fragile phone that you are fond of and the hardy asphalt.

Look and Feel

Many smartphone users think that they won’t like to cover the beauty of the phone by casing them with an unattractive case. But all the phone cases don’t have a drab and dull look. There are lots of transparent cases that not only give maximum protection but also turn your phone rather more attractive than the phone without cover. Presently  Wholesale phone cases manufacturers always trying to find innovative designs with soft silicone boundaries to entice the consumers to use the covers that would enhance the look and feel of the phone.

Capacity to buy

There are two types phone cases, one is for few dollars. It could be an entire body case. It contains the entire covering of the body with a touch-compatible screen protector. It is double layered and Polycarbonate external covers. In other words, the edge-to-edge screen cover protects camera lenses and the glass bodies. The cellphone of today is more than the telephone, it is loaded with features. The cost of the phone tells about how much the phone might be. So why not spend a little more on buying a case from wholesale phone case manufacturers.

Protecting a smartphone with a case doesn’t require much intelligence to decide by the owners of the smartphone. No smartphone cover, however hardy and protective it might be can provide your phone 100% guaranteed protection. It can be damaged in no time, no one can predict it. On the other hand,  the case can damage your phone if not checked frequently.

Even if you are super careful, the dirt can damage your phone by entering through the cover and trapped in it.

The cases that offer you the best protection can be costly, particularly since you usually have to get a new one each time you replace your old  phone. Finally, smartphone cases can get in the way of docking. It is painful to get your phone out of its case whenever you want to hook it up to your cab or playing for the home stereo.

Like No. 1 Quality Mobile Covers that offer your phone a very noble look, might be a thing of your choice. Phone covers have shown a necessary part of our everyday life with your beauty and set of functions.

It remains a matter of doubt if smartphone covers defend your phones from damage.  With phone cases, the users still require to be alert regarding taking care of their phone. The Wholesale phone case manufacturers always on the line to produce new types of mobile phone covers.