Please arrange the cell phone case and send us the final invoice value in order to make the necessary payment asap.

How are you dear? Hope you are fine and everything is well on your side.

Sorry for late reply as we are still trying to wholesale cell phone case something with the governmental works in order to solve formal issues till now.

Now, we can clear the pending order waiting in your warehouse at the rate you informed me in your below email. But we need to fill up the container and therefore need your information for the remaining amount wholesale Mobile phone case has to be added on this order together with its rate.

Please calculate the necessary and give me the information for cell phone case accordingly so that we can arrange ourselves.

We have discussed and made some cost calculation for wholesale cell phone case. You know that now there is very big tax payment in Turkey customs if you import this product from other country. That’s why the cost became very high. This is the main reason that we have stopped buying this item from China.

Now we want to restart the business wholesale phone case with you and again want to bring this product from your country. But the current price you offered is really very high if we include taxes in our country. Therefore, we set our target prices by considering the cost analysis at 3,50usd/kg, so that the cost of the same will be reasonable to buy this quality cell phone case from other country.

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