We had finished the production for your wholesale phone case.

we will ready to send you the final invocie ,would you like to accept to wholesale phone case via alibaba paypal? we are trying to use alibaba to receive the payment to improve the network exposure.hope your understanding.if so ,we will send you for details ,if not available ,we will change.
thanks in advanced.

wait for your early confirmation wholesale phone case.
Thanks for your response and support.

We are now arranging the clearance for this shipment, and we are dealing with the forwarder in Indonesia King Freight Indonesia for this shipment for wholesale phone case.

As we can understand of your shipment, it would be really helpful for us if you did not use forwarder, but use directly the shipping line/shipping agent, in this case Cosco Container Lines.

If you use forwarder like this time, we have to pay for the additional cost to the forwarder for administrative matter of Delivery Order. This would not happen if you use directly the shipping line/shipping agent, and we would be able to save some cost and time.

We really hope when we have next shipment in the future, we can use directly shipping line/shipping agent without forwarder.

Due to requirement from our customers wholesale phone case that they need our product to be registered at IMDS, we need your support to provide us the MSDS (material safety data sheet) for all paper or nonwoven media which you supply to us.

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