Well received, we will ready the raw material for your side. It is expected to finish your Mobile Phone Case in the beginning of June. Have a nice day !

You can find attached the signed and stamped PI for your confirmation the latest cell phone case.

Please note that we will request you to use and extra label for our warehouse records which i will send you soon once it’s finalized. Please ask before you start placing labels.
Please find attached the example for the sticker to be used on our rolls and use the following details accordingly :

– ZD 1030B 350gr/sqm 440mm : KGT-008-440
– ZD 1030B 350gr/sqm 510mm : KGT-008-510
– ZD 1030B 350gr/sqm 550mm : KGT-008-550
– ZD 1050S 480gr/sqm 440mm : KGT-009-440
– ZD 1050S 480gr/sqm 580mm : KGT-009-580

Please ask about any more details you want to know further.
As to the name of the goods to be written on the stickers, there will be no problem if we write it as “Wholesale Phone Case from China”, and the size would be better if you could make it bigger size like half of A4 size paper (21cm x 15cm).

Please note that the Lot No. will be as per we agreed on skype together with the order for cell phone case for iPhone 8.

Please prepare a sample and send us for final confirmation.

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