we had the ready wholesale Phone Cases size is 860mm*15m now ,pls kindly check it is enough for your side further test.

if need 500mm*1500m, then should be one more week for the wholesale phone case order.

As to the price of ZD-NP2,it just need $1.41/m2 ,CIF Jakarta,Attached is our specs and detailed price for wholesale phone case based on 5000pc quantity.

if ok ,we will arrange to send you the Phone Cases roll today.
wait for your early confirmation.
Hi dear binar Good day ! Very glad to receive your order for wholesale phone case , we had already asked our factory to wholesale the raw material for you .but to produce convenient, we checked with our factory and would like to make your width although there is some loss,can you pls change the order qty as the below: 430mm 3500m2 and 610mm 4900m2? Wait for your early confirmation .

Please find the attached our official PO 2297832 buy phone case to cover this urgent order.
Kindly note that we have to receive the goods asap. So your prompt action to push your will be highly appreciated.

About the invoice, please provide it to us when the good is ready to ship. Then we will arrange the payment immediately.

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