well received your Phone Cases ,after we checked ,we can make the same about the two Phone Cases.

we will wholesale phone case material for you and will send you our Phone Cases before next WED,pls confirm it is ok.but we will try our best to push the situation.

about the price ,we will send you after the Phone Cases came out.

by the way ,if you need wholesale phone case ,pls kindly check our item:ZD-1090F and ZD-PP in our Phone Cases book and see they are suitable.

Thanks for your prompt response and understanding of our situation.

We will wait for your wholesale Phone Case, but if you can push and make it faster we will be thankful.

I will inform you the Phone Case size we need by tomorrow.

sorry for late sending you the DHL tracking number:3884685666.pls kindly note.
it will be arrived at your office tomorrow or Wed.
once you got ,pls kindly let us know your comments.
Thanks in advanced.

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