Just want to confirm whether your side wholesale phone case and when will you finish them up.according to your production status and your order frequency,we think it’s almost time for your side to make our third order. Is there any unsatisfactory about our goods or our service ,pls feel free to contact us.
you mentioned us 550mm size is not enough for you last time ,would you telling us how about your side arrange to wholesale phone case?
wait for your early reply.

Thanks for your kind email. There is no unsatisfactory situation with your phone case and we’re still using the same without problem.

Once there will be requirement for the new order, we will immediately send you our requirement list.

Many thanks for your below reply and kind effort to find some wholesale cell phone case companies.

Actually, we already have a business relationship with Wenzhou Dejia Filter Machines Co.Ltd. But we’re in trouble to contact them in these days. They do not reply our mails and their aftersales service is not satisfactory. That’s why we want to find an alternative solution to solve this issue.

The second company you wrote about hasn’t got enough wholesale phone cases from china in their range as i checked.

Grace, it would be great if you can check some better companies manufacturing wholesale phone case production machines in the fair on November.

Thanks is advance for your kindness and effort.

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