We are a small company based in Barcelona, and we are going to Wholesale Phone case for
our smartphones.

Wholesale Phone Case
We sell smartphoneos that doesn’t shape like the main brands in western markets, so
we would need adapted / special cases for some asian brand models.
Do you have chinese brand smartphone cases available or are you able to produce
them? If you are able to provide us this product now and the market accepts it
well, the production will be starting to 3k per month.

In case yes, could you tell us the approx. sample pricing, MOQ for production and
production approx. pricing? (consider a normal case with our brand)

Meanwhile, we can talk about details as soon as we see your message. We are
grateful your patience and wish you and your family a great new year too.

May the future be with the continuation of our past relationship and the happiness
of our present relationship.

You may already knew that our factory manufacture unique wood/bamboo
marble/seashell phone cases for several years.

Recently, have developed many new models for Apple Samsung Cases, like wood/bamboo
flip phone case, new style marble phone cases, wood/bamboo skin for Macbook etc. We
can offer you free sample for your test.

What’s more, we can offer you the service of Laser Engraving your LOGO or your
Design. Attached the laser gif file for your information.

we are a very profeesional factory for wood ,bamboo and marble phone case, with
more than 10 years experience on this business

this is our wood and marble design for iphone 7, we have it for all iphone series,
there are bamboo, cherry, rosewood, maple and walnut available.

may i know how many pcs do you need?
do you need logo engraved on the product?
please advise, then i can send you more information, thanks

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