interested in youth fashion mens and ladies cell phone cases.

What are your MOQ’s, prices and lead time delivery.
Please send a catalogue of options
Thanks and best regards,

cell phone case

Before provide you catalog, may I kindly ask which kinds of phone case material do you interested in pls? There are wood, marble, seashell, cement, Alu and leather phone cases along our products line.
Furthermore, which phone model do you need pls? We have iphone5/6/7/8, iphone6 plus/7 plus/ 8 plus, IphoneX and Samsung series.
Kindly check attached picture of some our fantastic phone cases.

I would be interested in Iphone 6,7 and Samsung series phone cases.

cell phone case
I would be interested in seashell and marble but also youth designs like pineapple, animals and fun designs for a youth-orientated customer (mens and ladies).

Please send me a catalogue with these kind of designs – please see attached for examples of what I would be looking for.

Good day! Glad to hear from you!^_^

Pls kindly check attached of our marble & seashell iphone6/7 cases.
Also pls kindly check attached of our styles for TPU phone cases.
May I kindly ask which models do you prefer pls? Pls mark in red and I will send you quotation.

cell phone case

Hope to hear from you soon.

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