we want to wholesale phone caseย of you. Can we get a catalogue with alle Products of you?
wholesale iPhone X rosewood case
Thank you and best regards.

Nice to hear you are interested in our products.^_^
Pls kindly check attached pricelist for Iphone6/7/8, Iphone6 plus/7 plus/8 plus and IphoneX, may I know
which items do you interested in pls?

Looking forward to your kindly feedback sincerely.

thank you for the informations.

Can i get the price list for iPad Cases / Cover and Macbook Skins?

Im interested in:

wholesale iPhone X rosewood case

What is the cost of lasering a small logo?

Do you have Retail Package made of cardboard?

Nice to hear from you! Hope you have a nice day.^_^

I will send you price list for ipad Cases and Macbook Skins later.
OK, thank you. May I kindly ask which iphone models do you prefer for BY701, BY702 and BY712 pls? Iphone6, iphone6 plus, iphone7, iphone7 plus or iphone8, iphone8 plus pls? Also may I know how many pieces do you need pls?
Laser a small logo is cost US$0.3/pc.
Sure, we also have cardboard paper box package, the cost is also US$0.5/pc. Pls kindly check picture below.

wholesale Phone case

Good morning! How are you?

Pls kindly check attached pricelist for Macbook skin and Ipad cases.
Any other question pls feel free to contact us at any time.
Just follow up, may I kindly ask what do you think of our above pricelists pls? Do you need take any action next pls?^_<
Samples can be provided for quality test first.
We are interested in the following products.

Which products do you offer? Can you send an offer on alibaba.com?

If possible, I would have my own small logo engraved. How much does it cost? Is it possible to order the products also without logo/brand?

I have sent you a PDF document so you can see what kind of products we want to buy.

We can supply IPhone skins and ipad skins. Do you mean you need a quotation?(send you an offer on Alibaba.com)

Small logo cost is US$0.3/pc. It is OK to order the products without logo/brand.
thank you for your feedback. Our first order quantity will not yet be so high.

We would like to start with the following quantities. Is this possible?

Article colour Quantity
Laptop Stand bamboo 25
Laptop Stand wallnut 25
Monitor Stand bamboo 25
Monitor Stand wallnut 25
Smartphone Stand bamboo 50
Smartphone Stand wallnut 50
MacbookSkins bamboo 100
MacbookSkins wallnut 100
IphoneSkins bamboo 100
IphoneSkins wallnut 100
ipadSkin bamboo 80
ipadSkin wallnut 80
Keyboardholder bamboo 25
Keyboardholder wallnut 25
PenCup bamboo 25
PenCup wallnut 25
FlowerPot bamboo 25
FlowerPot wallnut 25
Dish bamboo 25
Dish wallnut 25
Wristpad bamboo 25
Wristpad wallnut 25
Mousepad bamboo 25
Mousepad wallnut 25
Actually, we only can supply you IPhone skins and Ipad skins, the quantity is OK.
We have exclusive agency for Macbook skins in German, we can introduce you to our Macbook skin agency in German or you can find other Macbook skin supplier, that’s OK. We can’t sold you Macbook skin directly.

Do you think 200pcs IPhone skins and 160pcs of Ipad skins is OK for you pls?
If yes, I will send you PI tomorrow.

Can you offer me 200pcs iphone skins and 160pcs ipad skins?

Can you offer me also the usual sizes for ipad and iphone? Can we divide the quantities into two article types? (BY901 and BY902)

Can you tell me at which agency in Germany i can buy the macbook skins?

Sure, offer you 200pcs of IPhone skins and 160pcs of Ipad skins.
You want the IPhone8 skins and Ipad air skins?
Devided the quantities into two article types(BY901 and BY902) is also OK.
However, if you could reach our MOQ of 100pcs/color/item that’s will be highly appreciated and easier for us to arrange the production.^_^
To buy the Macbook skins pls contact sales person and ask them for cooperation.

thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you send me a Article-List of all Products and types?

if it is possible, 100 pieces of each wood without laser logo.

I am looking forward to your offer.

Thanky you very much and have a nice day. ๐Ÿ™‚

no problem. There is no hurry. Is it possible to make an offer about alibaba for me?

Do I have to buy 100 pieces of any size? (ipad case). This is unfortunately too much for me for the first oder. Sorry.

In this case offer only iphone Cover BY702 for iphone 5-8 in walnut and bamboo.

The proforma invoice is attached. Pls advise your detail shipping address and it is available to offer ablibaba trade assurance order for you.

Waiting for your soonest news.

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