Kevlar (aramid fiber)iPhone 8 Wood Cases for the importer who wants to wholesale phone case from China factory.

Catalogue Material Model Parameter The keypoint for Kevlar (aramid fiber)
iPhone 8 Wood Cases
More info Package The Customers Price MOQ Lead time Production  ability
Kevlar (aramid fiber)i6
Zebra wood+ Aramid fiber BY324Z-4.7″ 69x8x140mm 1.Handmade, wooden iPhone 8, 8+ case
2.ultra slim(1.2MM thin)& Strong snap-fit design;
3.Single layer, multi-pressed wood veneered outer shell infused with DuPont Kevlar fibers;
4.Real FSC-certified, handmade wood shell
5.5 times stronger than steel at the same weight.
6.Will not block your GPS, Wifi or cellular signal;
7.Polished to a durable finish to protect against scratching
8.The best form fitted iPhone 8, 8 (Plus) design
9.Precise cutouts for camera, buttons & speaker
10.Maximum protection but minimal bulk
1.With 19-21gramm each case is a real flyweight
2.Available custimized engraved/printed
3.kevlar wood case:Top 2 factory in China
4.Packaging:acrylic box/kraft paper box/gift bag
1.OPP bag        2.Kraft paper box                 3.Clear acrylic box packaging available 1.Wholesalers /Retailer                2.Chain store                      3.Reseller                                          4. Brand client,                    5.Trading company,                6.Distributor                      8.Online seller  /shop                     9. Crowdfunding  backer                 10.Gift company $6.9-9.99 500 30-35days  30K/month

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