May I know your initial quote of small iPhone 8 wood case is including coating or not? This coating must be FDA passed and from natural when wholesale phone case.

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YES, the quote of small iPhone 8 wood case is including coating. Sure, our coating are FDA passed and from natural. We once developed a bamboo&wood lunchbox for an USA company and he usually place at least 5 million RMB per order now. Pls kindly check one of their poster as picture below.
HW: Noted but we’re only asking for 1000 pcs each only.

For the magnet, your cost is for proposal (1) or (2) , any cost diff?
YES, the proposal (2) of “Put a wood skin on the facial of the iPhone 8 wood case back to cover the magnet” will be a little higher than proposal (1) of “Put a small wooden mat on the magnet hole to stuck the magnet”, because proposal (2) will use more wood than proposal (1) and it will be much good-looking.
Pls don’t worry, we will make samples with 2 proposals for your option. HW: Noted but at least I want to get the costing diff. Approx. how much more?

What about the initial cost of large tray?
Dear, we really can’t provide you an accurate price without making samples, because:
First of all, we need estimate how long it will take to manufacture one iPhone 8 wood case first, then we can know how much it will cost per tray. So making sample is necessary before calculate the cost accurately.
Further more, only looking at your sample to estimate the price is inaccurate, we strongly recommend making samples first.
Last but not the least, if we make sample first, our production colleague will find the problem when manufacture, then we can try our best to deal with it and avoid all the potential problem before bulk production. Customers will avoid losses.
What do you think of it pls?
HW: Estimated is ok as your sampling cost in USD 150 which is not a small amount or you can proceed samples for us by FREE?

How many pieces of samples in total do you need pls? We will arrange your samples in priority.
Looking forward to your kindly feedback sincerely.

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