Nokia’s new flagship, Nokia 9, appears to be on the line. The HMD’s flagship smartphone had previously been exposed and installed in a special plastic case. Wholesale Phone case for Nokia 9

The Nokia 9 then appeared on the GeekBench run site, so the configuration was also exposed. This includes a flagship configuration such as qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB / 8GB running memory. Now the new machine has been approved by the FCC and appears to be coming to us.
A FCC certification document doesn’t involve too much news about the configuration and function of product, etc, and now we can get the new message is Nokia 9 will support NFC and bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. Of course, we can still see some key features on the web.

For example, there is a ta-1004 on the FCC certification file, which means Nokia 9 supports GSM and CDMA dual-network formats. In addition, because the FCC certification institution in the United States, so this means that Nokia 9 will be put on sale in the United States for the first time, you know before the Nokia, 5, 6 two new handsets Nokia did not appear the American market. And the strategy of HMD are actually very reasonable, the most popular in the us market should be $700 flagship model, and generally speaking, the cheaper low-end products, more suitable for developing markets.

And on the specific configuration, in addition to the above mentioned Xiao dragon 835 and 4 gb / 8 gb of memory, Nokia 9 will also be equipped with 5.3 inch QHD screen resolution, with 64 gb of storage space and 13 million pixels dual cameras.

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