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Samsung Note 8 confirms that it is equipped with a full-vision curved screen with a three-fold double shot

Although the GALAXY Note 8 May be coming later this year, it does not appear to have hindered the exposure of all the news. A few days ago, won the radio transmitting in legal channels version after approval, and from the Netherlands website galaxyclub reported that samsung GALAXY Note 8 confirmed will be equipped with 18.5:9 shows percentage of general curved surface screen, is now carrying Android7.1.1 system testing, but will display resolution upgraded to 4 k level, there is no definite news is expected to be at the IFA show in September 1. Many supermarket has started to wholesale phone case for Samsung note 8.

Confirm full view surface screen
Earlier this week, samsung began testing the Android 7.1.1 system on the GALAXY model, according to the GALAXY GALAXY GALAXY. Now, they get the message is samsung GALAXY Note 8 with the same version of the system in the test, and confirm the cross-border flagship display aspect ratio the same 18.5 to 9. In other words, the GALAXY Note 8 will also be equipped with a full-vision screen and remove the physical Home button.

However, the Dutch website GALAXY club did not disclose the size of samsung GALAXY Note 8’s specific display size, and said it was unclear whether it would upgrade its resolution to 4K. And the news till now, the industry is common to say that the samsung GALAXY Note 8 will be loaded 6.3 inches all depending on the surface of the screen, as to whether to solve the technical problems, and the fingerprint sensor embedded below the screen is not clear.

Three times the light doubles
In addition to the full-screen design of the samsung GALAXY S8 series, samsung GALAXY Note 8 will have a major upgrade for the first time with a dual camera. It is said to be a combination of 13 megapixels plus 12 megapixels, and supports 3 times optical zoom. Among them, a 12000000 megapixel camera as a wide-angle, double photoelectric diode is equipped with the latest technology, and a 13000000 megapixel camera for long, and both the lens for 6 pieces of lens design, and support functions of the optical image stabilization.
In addition, due to the samsung GALAXY Note series always has a tradition of processor upgrade, so also will carry out this machine modified Xiao dragon 835 processor and Orion 8895 processor, reportedly craft process evolution to 10 nm LPP, performance will increase by 10%, while the power consumption is reduced by about 15%.
Or will be released on September 1st
After, netizens @ meng meng electronic teaching has revealed that on weibo, samsung GALAXY Note 8 is to add handwritten pen’s GALAXY S8 +, and still is more likely to unlock the rear fingerprint. As well as news that the machine will use three speakers (positive) at the bottom of the up and down with design, with vertical arrangement of dual cameras, the fuselage side will have special bixby and photographed keys, and leads to support stylus pressure level 4096. In addition, the front panel of samsung GALAXY Note 8 will have a variety of colors to choose from, which is said to be gold, grey, silver and black.

Currently, samsung’s sm-n9500 and N9508 models have been approved by radio launch models, both of which support dual and full-network functionality. And, according to samsung’s previous models, the two models should be the open and mobile version of samsung’s GALAXY Note 8. However, because this year the samsung GALAXY S8 series release time later, so this time the flagship is presumed likely released in September 1 of the IFA show, and then on sale in October or so