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LG V30 formally appears in the display of the snap-snapdragon 835

The LG V series features a design concept that will continue to be retained on LG V30. From the current espionage, it is certain that LG V30 will continue this design concept, as well as the news that it will adopt o-led screens. The LG V30, due out this fall, will also make up for LG’s short hardware. LG V30 will be equipped with the latest qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM.

LG is arguably one of the few south Korean companies that can compete with samsung in the development of handset terminals or handset parts. It was previously reported that Google had already invested in LG, which was intended to provide an adequate OLED screen for its own son, Pixel, which is unusual for LG. As a new flagship of the LG V series, LG V30 will be equipped with 32-bit Quad DAC chips and cameras that are much stronger than the previous generation of V20. Although LG’s flagship model, G series is LG are obviously want to build a new series with the eponymous, so from the beginning of the LG V10, LG will try his latest ideas and bolder modelling, including before the double screen, etc.

At the same time, LG V30’s front panel design will continue the LG V20 style, with a side screen design. In addition, the new machine will also have a dual camera system. LG Display is already offering OLED displays for xiaomi and LG, and shipping within three months. This batch of LG Display provides a surface OLED screen, with samsung use surface on the S8 and S8 + screen, as a giant screen science and technology, the innovation of the samsung and LG mobile phone over the past two years is full of science and technology. LG last year provided a curved OLED screen for the mi Note 2, and this year its own flagship is likely to be “bent”. It is reported that this time LG is likely to design a curved screen in V30. In other words, LG might have polished the curved surface to perfection! The cell phone case has also been disigned which you can find in the cell phone accessories market.

Can say now LG V series launched by V30, this LG V30 will pick up the latest qualcomm Xiao dragon 835 processor, will have 6 gb of RAM universiade, stronger than the previous generation of V20 camera function. So as a result, LG V30 LG has now been completely according to the flagship’s standard to design, and this can create a G series, remains to be seen whether consumers pay the market. Now black science and technology of mobile phone design competition has started, devoting a killer, the major manufacturers and screen appears to have become the most positive need to have the characteristics of the part. How the mobile phone will develop in the future, LG’s main sub-screen will not be able to lead a wave, let us expect together!