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How about Blackberry focus on in the future ?

The blackberry just make decisions are no longer in the production of its own brand smartphone just over six months ago. The company’s chief executive John Chen is now forecast: blackberry smartphones will stage a comeback.
Blackberry was once the smartphone market, now has brand licensing to Indonesia, India and China three “branded” handset makers, they want to attract the world’s 14 million blackberry users buy phones – peak blackberry users up to 80 million.There are many blackberry wholesale phone case  business was great once ago.

Nonetheless, John Chen to make the blackberry out of the competitive intelligence is satisfied with the mobile phone market decisions. He is very happy, the blackberry give up hardware manufacturing according to the smartphone market has “the road”, other phone makers new model product “boring”.
John Chen said of homogeneity of smartphones, “will appear new technology, let my colleagues to deal with.”

John Chen said, blackberry is “to return to the old bank”, focusing on security software, server and productivity tools, and into the new field, including smart car.
Told the financial times, under the leadership of the pragmatic John Chen, the blackberry transition seems inevitable. Market research firm Gartner, according to the latest data, in the fourth quarter of 2016, the blackberry in the mobile operating system market share has been negligible. Blackberry has launched several Android phones, but all sales flat, showed no continue to investment value.

Really unwilling! John Chen predicted that the blackberry will stage a comeback

Instead, John Chen believes that using local manufacturing partners “power” – China’s TCL, Indonesia PT BB Merah Putih Optiemus and India, means that the blackberry can stage a comeback, originally this is unlikely. He said, “the future of 2 years from now, buy blackberry will be more than present. My prediction is, of course I may be wrong, we will make a comeback in the field of mobile phones.”

If this strategy is successful, authorized business will bring revenue to the blackberry, but not enough to make up for the loss caused by out of the mobile phone market. In the fourth quarter 2012 blackberry on revenue of $4.2 billion (RMB 28.9 billion) – when the blackberry in the smartphone market is still prosperous. Five years later, the blackberry fiscal fourth quarter from $286 million (RMB 1.968 billion).
On the eve of the blackberry business collapse in 2013 to take up office of John Chen don’t worry about this. He thinks he has completed the task in the transformation of the blackberry, “I am no longer in the transition state, and in a state of growth.”

As evidence of successful transformation, since John Chen took office, the blackberry software and services revenue already by $100 million (RMB 690 million) grew to $640 million (RMB 4.4 billion). Fourth-quarter loss of $238 million from a year earlier (RMB 1.637 billion) narrowed to $47 million (RMB 323 million), for this year’s profit was expected to promote the blackberry shares rose 12%.

Last week, the blackberry hair a windfall: qualcomm returned $815 million (RMB 5.6 billion) fee – ironically, this is it “prize” in the smartphone market failure. Qualcomm refund increased the blackberry cash reserves, laid the groundwork for more aggressive acquisition strategy.
Blackberry to return to the software and security business areas, reflecting the world has become more sensitive to not subjected to protect mobile network security, especially in the office environment. Government is still a blackberry technology of large customers, all the G7 (G7) countries government agencies are using blackberry software.
Really unwilling! John Chen predicted that the blackberry will stage a comeback

The financial times, says blackberry, estimates that its “enterprise of things” technology market scale will reach $17.6 billion (RMB 121.1 billion). John Chen also wants to emulate Intel “Intel Inside” strategy, to launch similar brands.
The blackberry 2010 acquisition of QNX software manufacturers, smart car market. Blackberry and close cooperation, ford employs 400 blackberry employees this month, to strengthen the development of the automotive connection technology. At present, the blackberry software has been applied in 60 million cars.
Blackberry is testing 2 self-driving car, and is expected in the summer in Toronto at the end of the road test.
John Chen acknowledged that he made the blackberry out of the efforts of the smartphone business, to some extent is hampered by the brand. At the meeting, he often asked questions related to the new phone that was once considered to change back to the company name “Research In Motion”, and smart phones “legacy” draw a line under. However, he ruled out the company name, now says only “fragile” company will be changed in the process of transformation.
John Chen said, “is a joke, if son in school learn math is not good enough, I won’t give son name, name was changed to improve the math scores.”