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The iPhone 8 had delayed months production caused by two reasons

Although exposure of the iPhone now eight kinds of rendering and design distance getting closer and closer to the truth, the built-in OLED display models are probably cannot be expected to meet with us. According to the fact has always been accurate in the industry @ mobile phone chip’s got talent on weibo disclosure, according to confirm the OLED version iPhone will delay the 3-6 months. This means that the true, the so-called iPhone 8 even to be listed on sale until next year at the latest.And the market of wholesale phone case has already take the action.

Despite the legendary iPhone 8 will lead to more attractive creative design, but it has been circulated or will delay release message. Such as a fact has always been the spectrum of the industry insiders @ mobile phone chip’s previously said on weibo, equipped with OLED screen and function of 3 d sensor iPhone until November 8 energy production, and then shipped in December.

Now, @ mobile phone chip’s release weibo say again: “confirmed OLED version of the iPhone will delay the 3-6 months production”. Therefore, the combination of reports in the past the next generation iPhone will be in July production, may mean that the fact is true, then the iPhone 8 will not become available until next year at the latest, it will no doubt make a lot of fans “feel very disappointed.
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Caused by two main reason
Though the @ mobile phone chip talent did not point out the specific cause of the iPhone 8 delayed release, but in fact the “hunger marketing” is presented. So it seems the iPhone 8 delayed release, it is possible that apple stereotypical hunger marketing technique, on the one hand, can avoid to 4.7 and 5.5 inch version of the sales, on the one hand can also attract more consumers to buy. Because according to @ mobile phone chip’s news, given the other two with the next generation iPhone will begin production in August, September shipment.

8 delays on the iPhone, of course, also having nothing to do with difficulty and production technology. Media such as the Taiwan economic daily had reported earlier that, due to the surface of the OLED panel production process and the 3 d sensor front cameras and so on some “technical problems”, 8 delays will lead to the iPhone. In addition, the fingerprint of the machine are hidden by the display of the unlock design, seem to also faces many problems, the samsung GALAXY Note 8 have spread is still the rear unlock cases, perhaps set many technical problems are caused by the iPhone 8 one of the main reason for the delay in production.

Still save some suspense
However, the authenticity of the above message remains to be seen. Although the past also apple watch first released in September, and then in the second year of the listed only in March. But as some netizens said, it’s too early now determine delay iPhone 8 production, estimate until June cannot solve the technical problems may be extended.

In addition, equipped with OLED display of the next generation iPhone formal name has not been confirmed, but if next year come out, it is the real iPhone 8. Now can confirm that will use full screen design, Home button and remove entities. On the back of the dual cameras will switch to the vertical arrangement, is expected to price is likely to exceed $1000.
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