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HTC dragon 835 is the strongest flagship to bet or not

Although previous exposure on the network of HTC 11 system screenshots has been confirmed for PS pseudograph, the real HTC annual flagship or we become more and more close. According to the overseas websites htcsource disclosure, the quantity of wholesale phone case of Verizon has been in the United States to begin testing a carrying Xiao HTC, new dragon 835 processor.It is likely the upcoming new flagship HTC, rumors will be equipped with 24 million pixels + 13 million pixels dual cameras, is expected to meet us in April.

Although HTC has already issued a so-called flagship model HTC U Ultra, because the machine is equipped with the dragon Xiao 821 processors, so isn’t HTC real annual flagship. However, according to foreign websites htcsource disclosure, Verizon has been in the United States to begin testing a carry Xiao HTC, new dragon 835 processor, although temporarily don’t know the specific model name, but could you upcoming HTC’s new flagship.

As to conclude that the reason is the HTC smartphone department general manager chia-lin Chang (Chialin Chang) in an interview with Tbreak, as long as there is new processors, HTC will have a corresponding flagship phone, and will strive to start. Although rumors from now to see, because samsung has swept Xiao dragon 835 processor first source, HTC started new flagship Xiao dragon 835 basic hopeless, but at least or pick up the top processor xinji has begun to enter the test phase.

Double lens design

It is worth mentioning that htcsource the also revealed the new flagship HTC parts specifications, reportedly will have 4 gb of memory and 64 gb of storage capacity, and the camera has used the double lens design, loading 24 million pixels + 13 million pixels of two cameras, and provide 16 million pixels front-facing camera used to take and video chat.

In addition, the machine will also fingerprint sensors placed on the back of mobile phone, the other including appeared on the HTC U Ultra voice assistant, BoomSound speaker and USB interface Type – C will also be inherited. And according to the well-known fact @ Upleaks Revelations on weibo, the symbol “Ocean” HTC’s new flagship will cancel the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Or will be released in April

As for the HTC’s new flagship release time, although it has begun to test, but not the exact message exactly when to launch. But according to the fact people @ upleaks previously on weibo, HTC MWC assembly may at the end of this month will launch two models in the end, and there is no code “Ocean” of the new flagship, but at the same time also let people look forward to the April conference, so also is hinted that it might be to meet us in April.

HTC in MWC conference phone, according to the message @ upleaks is better in terms of appearance, although there is no carry on configuration mediatek processor, but also is not very well, while in the April conference there will be two HTC Desire series, new synchronization.