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Why it is a good chance to wholesale cell phone case for MOTOROLA G5

MOTOROLA will launch the MWC congress Moto G5 Plus is not fresh topic, even on the Internet also exposed the latest engineering machine photos. And let the cat out of the part of the configuration information. However, if you think this new handsets have no bright spot, so wrong. According to the released photos of fact people @ Roland Quandt on twitter, according to the disclosure Moto G5 Plus the 12 million pixels with by the main camera will use SONY IMX362 sensors, with phase focus and F1.7 large aperture lens, so in considering the Moto G5 Plus positioning in the market, so high standard configuration is more valuable.So It is a good chance to wholesale phone case for MOTOROLA G5.

With IMX362 sensor

In fact, since the Moto G5 Plus various photos exposure, the machine on the back of the large camera model and high-profile, but in addition to 12 million pixels of the specifications of the known, have never thought that MOTOROLA also have hidden. According to the latest exposure Moto G5 Plus engineering machine photos of netizens @ Roland Quandt revealed that on twitter, the Moto is 12 million pixels main cameras use SONY IMX362 sensors, not only support phase af and 30 FPS 4 k video recording, but also equipped with F1.7 large aperture.

And then how about the SONY IMX362 sensor, is said to be used by samsung GALAXY S7 series SONY the male version of IMX260 sensor unit pixel size of 1.4 microns, support all nuclear double pixels focus, after in vivo flagship product Xplay6 start. Therefore, in the Moto G5 Plus only positioning of the market situation, to adopt such a high-end sensor is somewhat unexpected.

Taking pictures function

As for Moto G5 Plus the front of the lens is 5 million pixels, and adopted the OV5695 sensor, lens aperture is F2.2, although the parameter is not outstanding,it is the meizu flagship PRO 6 front lens configuration, it seems that MOTOROLA on the new machine outstanding is taking pictures function.

It is worth mentioning, the network also exposes a Moto G5 Plus the latest on the real machine photos, but the touch screen size inches to upgrade from 5.2 to 5.5 inches, and with the camera is 16 million pixels, is also carrying Xiao dragon 625 eight core processor and integrated with Adreno 506 graphics chip, with 4 gb of RAM + 64 gb ROM storage combination; Pre-installed Android7.0 system and equipped with larger capacity of 3500 mah battery, and to support the turbine quick charge technology. Therefore, possible exposure photos yesterday for Moto G, which is equipped with a 5.5 -inch touchscreen phone is the real Moto G5 Plus.

On sale in March

However, whether the Moto G or Moto G5 Plus does not appear on the back of modular parts interface, and positive in the integration of the fingerprint identification of oval Home button, rumours and subject to change according to the requirement of the user, at the same time on the market positioning is close to quite with Moto M.

It is reported, Moto G5 series on February 26, MWC conference the day before the official launch, and then in the global market launched in March, as for the legal channels version if they exist, then there should be some surprises in terms of price.