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The iPhone may be expensive to $1000 this year

The iPhone had been spent for 10 years Since January 2007. It is largest so far influence on mankind smartphone it too much. Of course in 10 years, the iPhone also experienced many twists and turns, from the beginning, to the present national.iPhone has become a phenomenal product early and all of these let a person look forward to the second half of this year will be on the iPhone 8 (of course it is possible that the iPhone 7 s). But here can give you poured a pot of cold water, the tenth generation of the iPhone may be the most expensive ever iPhone, the unit price $1000 May be a kidney is not enough! But think about no lock version 7 Plus 256 g iPhone has bought $969, appleā€™s again as long as a little effort can achieve their goals.

Be worth what carry is, if the iPhone prices this year, it must be related to new technology and new technology. If no accident, the next iPhone will use the new design, there are rumours that OLED will join surface without borders display, at the same time, to be the full metal fuselage of glass backboard and stainless steel in the box (unlike the iPhone 5), and the entity is possible and the Home button and the volume key users say bye, so prices rise also appears to be understandable. In addition, current news is three iPhone, apple will launch this fall with a 5.8 inch OLED screen iPhone and 8 respectively carry 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches LCD screen top, if you want to experience new technology you have to spend some money! But if you think the $1000 iPhone too expensive but also for a long time, such as upcoming Galaxy S8 might be a good choice, from the perspective of the real machine according of exposure, the surface of OLED display screen and ultra high proportion was amazing enough.It is a good news for people who wants to wholesale phone case