Wholesale Macbook wood skin stickers

Wholesale Macbook wood skin stickers from China Factory Reliable supplier. Here is the detail inforamtion for your kindly reference: MACBOOK Pro cement with seashell fragment 13′ Pro Retina:31.4×21.9CM 1.function balancing beautifully                                                                              2.this unique cement macbook case indulges your understated side.                               Read More

Wood Case Cover for Macbook Models Collection list

Models of Wood Case Size (CM) Year Material of the Wholesale Phone Case MecBook Air 11″ 30*19.2 till 2016 Version Bamboo/ Cherry /Walnut MecBook Pro 12″ 28.05*19.65 till 2015 Version Bamboo/ Cherry /Walnut MecBook Air & Pro 13″ 32.5*22.7 till 2015 Version Bamboo/ Cherry /Walnut MecBook 13″ Pro Retina 31.4*21.9 till 2015 Version Bamboo/ Cherry /Walnut MecBook 13″ Pro Touchbar 30.3*21.17 Late 2016 Version Bamboo/ Cherry /Walnut MecBook Pro 15″ 36.7*24.95 till 2015 Version Bamboo/ Cherry /Walnut MecBook 15″ Pro Touchbar 34.85*24 Late 2016 Version Bamboo/ Cherry /Walnut