After a netizen exposes the development of the next generation iPhone 3 new handsets, and is said to be a code “ferrari” model will be a big change. Now, some netizens in tieba confirmed the rumors, saying the iPhone symbol “ferrari” 8 motherboard really changed a lot, not only 7 thin double than the iPhone, it may even be equipped with two pieces of battery, but still can use the iPhone 7 mould. Despite the change in body size is not big, but higher screen ratio will make the machine with a 5.2 -inch display.wholesale phone case from china factory.

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Or with double batteries
Revealed that according to the net friend in the post bar, the next generation iPhone paragraph two of the three new handsets will serve as the iPhone launched seven series of updated products, overall change is not big, but will use double-sided glass material, the fuselage of the symbol “ferrari” that is the real iPhone 8, and the mainboard design has changed a lot, not only thinner than the iPhone 7 times, and also change the location of the main board and battery, and is likely to be equipped with two pieces of battery, as to how to put you can refer to the internal layout.
Not only that, the net friend also said a lot of iPhone will use iPhone 7 8 parts, including baseband chips, the speakers, memory chips, and part of the return iPhone7 parts are removed and after testing, also will use iPhone 8 above. Therefore, if the above message is true, then it means the iPhone 8 will still be equipped with 3 gb of memory, but due to the change of the main board is very big, is likely to be equipped with two pieces of batteries.
Optical fingerprint identification + double batteries! 8 the iPhone is to playing god?
Body size is the same as the iPhone 7
It is important to note that according to the netizens, 8 still USES is the iPhone iPhone 7 mould, and size is 7, and the iPhone but have higher screen accounted for. In other words, it is on the basis of the iPhone size 7, take advantage of the high screen accounted for, will do 5.2 inch screen, so overall or with the iPhone 7 close to, but will have a larger change in the details.
At the same time, according to the description of the net friend, if the 4.7 -inch iPhone7 displays 0.8 cm long, the touch screen size can be increased to 5.2 inches, and the Home button is about 1 cm in diameter, so cancel the Home button made 5.2 -inch iPhone 7 it is not difficult.
Playing automatically switch
Automatically play
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Optical fingerprint identification
Although the authenticity of the above message remains to be seen, especially double batteries are some incredible. But judging from the indications of current, the next generation iPhone will at least one paragraph will cancel the Home button or a foregone conclusion. Because, according to industry insiders revealed that, not only the samsung GALAXY S8 could use the new technology of optical fingerprint identification module, and apple will be added to the next generation of the iPhone optical fingerprint identification technology, so as to remove the Home button for the first time, and realize the fingerprints on the screen to unlock, and other functions.
At this point, the basic feature of the next generation iPhone 3 new handsets have clearer. This code-named D20 and D21 two paragraphs will be named the iPhone 7 s and 7 s Plus the iPhone, is still 4.7 inches and 5.5 inch display, but will switch to the design of the double glass + stainless steel frame, is likely to increase fast charging technology; And code ferrari D22 8, will be the real iPhone will be equipped with OLED screens and cancel the Home button and screen have higher proportion, and 5.2 inch screen, but compared D20 and D21 will have more innovation on the whole.

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