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Bright black iPhone7 off paint scratched easily? Try this contact following

Apple bright black iPhone7/7 Plus case wholesale really let a person love and hate, bright black iPhone7 looks very cool, back to 100%. But because technology limited, bright black iPhone7 vulnerable to scratches, and use the late, and the risk of paint, even apple official suggested that bright black iPhone7 a protective shell of choose and buy.

Although protection shell affects iPhone7 handle, but do not use the protection shell have to be prepared to love machine to be scratched. Recently, all foreign well-known a called Naked appeared on the raised platform Kickstarter Case products, it can be a very good solution to solve the bright black iPhone 7 scratch problem. Let’s know the specific situation.

Raise page displays, according to the product of all the Naked Case is essentially a sticker have waterproof function. Is the most rare, this Naked Case although adopted four layer structure, but its thickness is only 0.2 mm, to closely fit the iPhone 7, feel is almost no impact on the fuselage.