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Go out just take phone: iPhone wallet following from cash and bank card with you

Go out just take phone: iPhone wallet following from cash and bank card with you walk in our impression, the role of the purse is cash, bank CARDS, business CARDS, photos and documents, and so on items, but in order to improve the convenience degree of iPhone  case wholesale users travel, e-commerce accessories company Edward Field will purse and iPhone protection shell together.

It is understood that Edward Field company to build the iPhone wallet protection shell called Cordura, the product with them before the product line is a little different, it does not use Italian leather, but use, is the grosgrain fabric and nylon material, and used the a variety of color such as yellow, blue, black.

The Cordura to protect the safety of shell still have pockets to hold the article such as id, credit CARDS and cash, but also provides a place for the user the space of the iPhone, iPhone model suitable for the iPhone 5 and update.
While this solution greatly improved the iPhone users the convenience degree of travel, but it is important to note that when using the iPhone in public places, had better be careful, otherwise the thief will steal phones at the same time take away your everything in my purse.
Users can in Edward Field, the company’s web site for $69 order this product, and at any time to check the production schedule. The company promises to deliver goods within 7 days.
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