Wholesale Phone Case From China Factory

Mobile phone can also as a weapon Try this against the following from the Wolf

Girls should be how to protect themselves? Search should be able to find a lot of answers. When a young woman’s situation is very dangerous, basic will not be able to adopt the way of fighting against the criminals, if really need to melee, it also has come to a dangerous situation. Volt coyotes wholesale phone case  following may be able to add some confidence to cute girls, this is a case of an emergency very comprehensive personal security solutions. Via smartphones fingerprint identification system, able to quickly start high voltage electric system, in his ascension self-defense capability at the same time, you can also send the default contact emergency messages at the same time, thus to seek the aid of family members or friends.

In many life-threatening moment, every second is very important, the Volt coyotes following equipped with 50000 v high voltage electric shock gun, by mobile phone APP emergency procedures can send your family or friends location information, and at the same time open video in real time, so they can see your situation at any time.
Volt following is a multifunction self-defense equipment, it integrates high pressure stun guns and emergency application software, only need to touch you on the phone only fingerprint recognizer can open it. Simply press the fingerprint on the mobile phone, the Volt following will work in two seconds to complete six: activate the 50000 v stun guns, a loud alarm, open mobile flashlight, real-time video recording, send to family members or friends contains GPS location and the distress of real-time video information, automatic alarm calls.
Volt following from the use of the issue is very simple, as in the case of emergency, in the mobile phone lock screen state long two seconds to activate the phone fingerprint recognizer, also can be activated by default password. In order to prevent wrong activation, first in the lock screen condition to screen the lower-left corner of SOS button, and then use fingerprints or default password activation device, before the use of stun guns also need to open the following from electric shock protection cover up, following from the side of the physical button can activate the stun guns, further to ensure that the user’s own security.