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Pip – Boy Cell phone case following upgrade To play the game to play

According to Hong Kong on June 21, the east network reported that the United States earlier at the E3 games show in Los Angeles.Video games different dust rest 4 (4) Fallout developers in Bethesda last year launched a match reality version of the game using the Pip – Boy Cell phone case following. This year will be the following major upgrade, make it not only can be used to play 4 games Fallout, also can call, reading messages, and play music, let the game fans and fan.

This is called a Deluxe Bluetooth Edition upgraded Pip – Boy watches.It is built-in Fallout game software, 4 players need not inserted into the mobile phone can play games. Cell phone case with a small screen, can be
games, such as maps, energy state information display on the screen.

In the Pip – Boy watch button, besides part is adornment, mostly can be used to control the game really function; Originally holotape game zone, into the USB drive can play music.With mobile phone via bluetooth
connection, upgrade version of the Pip – Boy watches can also make a phone call, reading information, etc. Watch less than 1 kg weight, strap can set-up by oneself, for $350, a limited 5000.