Embossing machine is mainly used in cosmetic box, gift box, medicine, tobacco, wine, tea.As apple, samsung, cool, lenovo, TCL, zte, etc. Series of phone, Take in the application of high-frequency fusing machine the
whole industry. Industry for mobile phone and laptop bag set of customer demand for products,So the line of wholesale Phone case is very big. The existing fusing machine constantly to improve and improve, and combined with the actual needs of customers developed
laser knife mold, all kinds of craft need to locate aluminum mold, blowing mold and cut-off welding of steel.

Mobile phone Case bounding embossing machine wide range of USES: applicable to PVC, PET, PETG, EVA, PU, TPU or PVC content in more than 20% of any soft hard plastic welding, plastic material leather leather welding, or cloth kind of welding, other special purpose material can be processed. Leather. Garment fabric. As well as floor MATS, door MATS and so on specialized equipment. Also used for various environmental blister (APET, PETG, GAG), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic welding, welding, hot stamping, etc.

Blister packaging (including upper and lower double blister MWCNTS trimming, blister and cardboard bounding trimming), car inner decoration, qi car lamps, sports equipment, communications equipment, trademarks, pencil case, raincoat, blowing toys, plastic Cell Phone Case, cool liquid mat, footwear products, cushion, all kinds of bags, portable soft bag, mobile wipe, such as the electric heating bag heat-sealing welding with trimming processing, all kinds of concave and convex shape of decorative pattern design, alphabetic repression. Fitted
with a simple device can be hot stamping processing. Widely range of application and the market prospect.

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