Around the iPhone peripherals are a dime a dozen.Following is one of the most important position.The last two years, many of the following from the iPhone have been not content with beautiful and protect the basic needs. It also spawned such as charging, expansion, the development of SIM card of additional features.

If you wholesale phone case, set the above mentioned functions in one.And it has let the iPhone to run android applications “black” science and technology, you like to try? In fact, the “Cell phone case
(MESUIT) following from” intelligence “has achieved the idea and go on sale today.

leather cell phone casecolorful cell phone case

The alternative phone accessories from cornu ammonis play.Believe that some readers should contact their android simulator (Driod4X). Hippocampus play have introduced some cross-platform virtual service software, but this time the iOS and Android carried out directly “cross-border cooperation” is very fresh.After it emerged that a mobile development company called Tendigi abroad through a special following from true iPhone run Android effect. But it’s just a Demo, demonstrate the feasibility and Cell phone case should realize the coexistence of two systems is the first commercially available products.

2016 new cell phone case     sinicone cell phone case

You can understand Cell phone case as a “no screen android phone”. Because it has a complete Android Cell phone case architecture.It just need to use the iPhone screen. Walker than normal because of the addition of Cell phone case parts, following some heavy, chin also highlights some. But because it USES some of the wedge design, to some
extent alleviate some of the “weight”.

Since the use of the Android architecture, cannot avoid custom need to look at its configuration:

Cell phone case the processor and memory of 799 yuan spirit’s blue note2 and I think in the practical
experience of fluency in the environment of the Android was acceptable, but the software load faster with one
thousand yuan “machine” still has certain gap.
Cell phone case and iPhone by Lighting interface is linked together, and the corresponding app on the iPhone
entrance can direct access to the Android environment, operation and there is no difference between ordinary
Android system. Please refer to the diagram below:

As early a lot to the development of the iPod Touch, “apple peel” Cell phone case also has a SIM module, can realize independent communication work. Double card double stay also let the iPhone to achieve the concept of “double opening” is very popular now.

In addition to bring the iPhone dual system and double card double stay, Cell phone case can provide charging for iPhone, expansion and file management functions. One of file management is using Android’s openness to better help the iPhone parts that need to be iTunes to complete the operation, such as setting the tone.UI level selection and relatively mature APUS Cell phone case the Launcher has carried on the cooperation, understanding the APUS Android friends should not new. According to the hippocampus play, founder and CEO
party strength peak is introduced, in order to make the iOS can run on android, Cell phone case research is focused on how to “transform” android allows it to match the iPhone Cell phone case. Although did not disclose the specific principles, the hippocampus play official said the use of the Cell phone case don’t need to escape, its development process is in conformity with the specification of apple cell phone case.

new phone case

Personal think Cell phone case upgraded version, like “apple peel” or super following from the iPhone. Such as for the iPhone before expansion, increase double card double stay peripherals on the market have a lot of, but that “All in One” product is unprecedented.Such a cool new product is very suitable for landing the raised platform, but some hippocampus play seems to be more confident, directly on the jingdong officially sell – adaptation iPhone6/6 s and iPhone6 Plus / 6 s Plus two versions of the price of 999 yuan and 1099 yuan respectively.

Explain the concept of the Cell phone case may only need a word, but it brings the function of the play is worth for further exploration. The price of 1000 yuan for Android is not expensive, but from the point of view
of accessories will hinder the few who want to try.

Cell phone case really created a whole new peripherals category, the concept of “let the iPhone running dual system has very eye-catching, but it is the manifestation and the market to accept the test of time, the geek
choice will also keep an eye on the products of this kind of interesting.

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