Hippocampus play launch a specially written for the iPhone mobile intelligent Wholesale phone case Рmecha. The device in combination with the iphone, which can realize expansion, charging, double card double stay and double system transformation function.

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Appearance, mecha surrounded by half a one-piece design.Insert the phone when using it. Mecha built-in 1700 mah / 2500 mah battery, charging can be integrated.It is intelligent charging scheme for iPhone forever keep full energy. In addition, the mecha can provide 16 gb storage space for apple mobile phone, to keep hd photo and video.

Own independent SIM card slot in the mecha, support 4 g, China mobile, China unicom standards such as 4 g network system. Separate bluetooth, WLAN, support open hot spots, cooperate mecha App, can be conducted on apple iOS and android conversion, can realize the function of almost an android phone, let users in the same cell phone through different system, double open the social software such as QQ, WeChat, realizes the double number also has the dual social identity.

cell phone case cheap

Hippocampus play, founder and CEO party strength peak plan, future mecha will implement iTunes on the concept of Android, on the carrier of mecha, realized the function of the vast majority of iTunes, let the user complete break through the iPhone – computers – iPhone iTunes management experience of complex, the user can through the mecha the iPhone directly so as to realize the depth of management, including custom ringtones, local backup file and batch processing, etc.If you need to wholesale cell phone case,Pls contact us freely!

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