“Boss, I spent more than 4000 dollars in your store to buy a cell phone, you give me the following so ah, also¬†too good?””Girl, the following are my store into the best goods, you see you see, what color, you choose again!””Ah, come on, take this transparent, the other is too Low!”

wholesale phone case

Happily bought a mobile phone Ms. Lee, right away to see the boss after following instantly disappointed.It is so common, ordinary following how worthy of their large amount of money to buy mobile phone. It is not alone, by following the old style, no new idea.There are many in your life. Send receive radiation protection following embodiment in addition to the guardian, cut the user annoyance, launch custom following, satisfy the
customer individuality demand, become the dazzling star in following the market.

Send the anti-radiation following
Insight into 1.7 billion individuality demand Occupy the market opportunities.Following is the standard after a lot of people to buy mobile phones, but in the whole industry, look the same, rarely design intention.It makes a lot of disappointed “appearance level control”. In a word, the following from the industry as a whole development level is far couldn’t keep up with the demands of consumers. Even if consumers want to buy high-end products, also for the goods. Just think, Chinese mobile
phone ownership of more than 1.7 billion units, annual sales reached 60 million units, following since become the standard.The market has reached more than 10, has always had not been such a huge market value!
Fortunately have sent anti-radiation following appear, change old industry pattern, customized services to meet new consumption trend, become a straw “revitalize the industry”.

wholesale cell phone case

Send anti-radiation following can customize their own design, can even customize product according to the model. Pink is tender HelloKitty, crazy spongebob, diablo series of death, customers of their pictures, exotic
scenery, personality graffiti… As long as consumers like, send radiation protection chain can be easily customized, create different exclusive following. Due to outstanding appearance, sent the anti-radiation
following even got the red carpet stars, the stars with wearing a pie of anti-radiation following from cell phone pictures of red carpet, widely spread on the Internet.

Send the anti-radiation following
High product profit, the only ideal promotion project
Send anti-radiation following was born, many a person shine at the moment, plus send group provides other additional services, is amazing.As all of the radiation protection industry, pie group each personality customization of the pie of anti-radiation following has strong radiation protection function, its built-in high energy absorbing chip, can be behind the phone emits radiation direction forward, let the user’s brain is more security, to protect the user from the effects of cell phone radiation, while enjoy the elegant appearance design, also can effectively avoid electromagnetic radiation.

Pie of anti-radiation following personalization technology and good radiation protection function, attracted
many consumers to choose, as in-store sales rising, many entrepreneurs and joined the pie anti-radiation
following from entrepreneurial force, send receive radiation protection following from chain stores to all
parts of the country. Market survey found that the same sales, personalization of following than ordinary
following several times high profit, send receive radiation protection following chains also become very
popular on the market of business store.

cell phone cases

At present, send receive group has with the domestic many mobile operators, many mobile phone companies, such
as millet, reached a cooperative partnership, send receive group, says the move channels and resources help
use the mobile phone manufacturers, to send receive radiation protection following the promotion and
popularization of customized products.

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