1, the three-day MWC 2016 Shanghai world mobile congress conclude smoothly in the new international expo

center. British technology company, Cell phone case shell Station to the conference demonstrated the world’s leading image printing technology and based on the technology of personalization following.It attracted the
attention of many exhibitors and exhibition staff. It is reported, “design your own” Case shell Station is the theme of this exhibition, personalized services to private become a product of the main window. Customers on
its official website or APP can upload their favorite photos.And alone in the company development adjustment on the online platform is designed, after placing the Case shell Station needs through the patented technology
of printing equipment to print following, 1-2 working days.Generation is made and package to mail to the customer, to achieve personalized services to private following.

Case Station team MWC world mobile congress in Shanghai
Case shell Station based in London, England, on the surface of the world’s leading 2 d / 3 d decoration technology production of high-end mobile phone shell. Brand founder Peter said at the meeting, Mr Woodd
personalization is revolution, shell comply with this trend, select the following from personalized private custom making.

“The development of human society at different stages have different revolution.It from start to use production tools to agricultural society, to the industrial revolution to achieve standardization of mass
production.This is all a progress. But now is the era of personalization, people want to belong to their own products, can fully express his personality.” Peter is introduced to Mr Woodd.
He explained, “the world participate in and lead the trend. There have been many companies such as footwear, seemingly ordinary, but it can help users to customize their unique Nike sports shoes, and as Levis jeans
industry also encourages users to individual customization. Similarly, in the mobile consumer electronics industry, Case shell Station means choose to help customers to customize their own a high standard of
personalized mobile phone shell.

Mr Case shell Station means the chairman Peter Woodd for an interview
At present, the Case shell Station already have representative offices in 16 countries or joint venture company, 27 production factories, products are sold to 38 countries and regions in the world. Case shell Station just coming into the huge potential of Chinese market, hope to bring brand-new experience for Chinese

Mr Case shell Station means China director Lars Lieberwirth mentioned when Internet + and APP demo, the world is rapidly changing, the footsteps of China change faster, people hope to be able to enjoy a better life, looking forward to more the product of wisdom. Shell concept is to make customers become designers, personalization to oneself unique following, unique design, tells the story of the customers themselves.

Mr Case Station China chief executive Lars Lieberwirth in non speech about personalization”When compete with local manufacturers, in addition to helping our clients achieve personalization, where do
you think of the other Case Station competition?” The reporter asked.
“Personalized customization is not a simple concept, but need to be mature in the production of printing technology and supporting a complete supply chain to achieve. Lean craftsman feat, the rich image content, high-profile image printing technology, is the customer enjoy high quality private custom following three necessary.

“In our supply chain, mobile phone shell is very high requirements for material and production process, especially in our unique printing equipment for heat sublimation printing, must be proprietary material; and the material of following effects on image quality of imaging is also high, must be in the surface coated with a special coating, talents and printing technology complement each other to achieve the effect of hd 3 d

“And Case Station is the world’s leading fully integrated supply chain of the high-end following custom suppliers. Our core philosophy is to make the following from our customers own design picture content, tell
his story to the world.” From Germany and has lived in Shanghai more than ten years of Mr Lars introduced to confidently.

In recent years, as China’s rapid economic rise, and gradually formed a huge high-end consumer market, has attracted more and more like Case shell Station means of science and technology innovative multinational
companies, but not every one have been successful. The head ccpit Mike Mr Birchall, said in an interview, the British government invested enormous in the research and development innovation, for British companies to overseas also gives the corresponding support. Foreign companies in China, besides should guarantee the
quality of the product, also should carry on the localization reform, understand the characteristics of Chinese consumers, adapt to the situation of the Chinese market. Case shell Station is a good Case, product
innovation, pattern is novel, the team of international and domestic, is a typical example of the innovative enterprises in the Chinese market.

At present, the Case shell Station already established the company in Shanghai and set up the local team. Now, based on the rapid development of company in China area, shell are also actively developing offline retailers in China. They use online technology and mature company exclusive custom software, help offline retailers to realize “store online customization”, have the same effect with the domestic currently in full swing O2O.

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