Between a Chinese manufacturer, called the “play” hippocampus.It recently launched a new product called “mecha MESUIT” following.Functions like “apple peel” appeared on the market before. However, when the iPhone case on it, the original iOS can be changed into the Android system.

The past “apple peel” is used to install on the iPod Touch.Let users can will support the function of the SIM card to call the iPod Touch.It makes the music player to become like the iPhone. Now, this kind of shell can realize the iOS and Android double system switch.The official offer iOS App installed on mobile phones, a key can be converted into the Android system, and is in the official App store, you can install the Android App.

T guest state illustrated
In addition to support Android system, after the switch to Android it is also a mobile phone, on the following independent Sim card, therefore put on the case, your iPhone into a double card double stay mobile phone.
T guest state illustrated

How to do it? After all is not surprising
Although the manufacturer did not say how to make the “dual system” of the iPhone following, but actually it isn’t unusual to ramble, last month, there is a called Nick Lee’s Maker make a similar following from himself, he bought a small host board, and the Android 6 system is installed on the motherboard. Then, he used an iPhone 3 d printed out 6 s size of the “shell”, and that the board was installed in the above, battery, a boost converter and resistance, to form a following.

T guest state illustrated
After it with the remote remote control through an iOS App, called Tendigi will be implemented in the following from the Android system combined with the iPhone, the effect of the steps and you can refer to the following video.
However, the above design in operation or some slow, from the operation of the “mecha MESUIT” film, seems to be much more smooth.
In addition to the double system, it is mobile power supply, an external hard drive
“Mecha MESUIT” in addition to the “dual system” function, but also provide the iPhone 16 gb of storage space. Including the storage space for the Android system, can also be deposited in the pictures on the iOS as well as the music information. In addition, it has a built-in mobile power supply, so it can extend iPhone duration of up to seven hours.
Website shows the data shows, “mecha MESUIT” following there are two versions of the iPhone s version costs 999 usd, 6/6 the iPhone 6 Plus/s Plus costs 1099 usd.

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