Edward snowden always wants to let the user know if their iPhone by NSA (NSA) monitoring.
Snowdon and his co-authors and hackers partner Andrew Huang (Andrew Huang, the famous Chinese hardware hackers, nicknamed bunnie) together at the Massachusetts institute of technology published research on mobile phones “self-check” hardware.The time devoted to allow the user to see if their phones to send secret signals intelligence agencies.

Teamed up with Chinese hackers, snowden to do automatic protection to monitor the following from apple.
“The aim of this study can give journalists are equipped with a tool.This tool can be supposed to be smart phone in flight mode are tracked or expose their location information to let them know that the first time.” they wrote in the technical papers.
Snowdon is a former NSA staff, now in exile in Moscow.Huang Xin are a good hacker who once the reverse programming Xbox and other hardware. They believe that their solution can protect journalists and activists from their smartphone Case.
In this paper, they mentioned a journalist Marie Colvin (Marie Colvin), she was killed by the Syrian armed forces in 2012. In 2016 a lawsuit against the Syrian government says she blocked the signal, she was killed by deliberately not shot.

Your phone is cheating on you
In this paper, the snowden and Andrew huang made it clear that you see on the screen of the information is not always true.
When you turn off the bluetooth or cellular service, radio and other electronic components of a mobile phone can also send signals, especially when they are skilled intelligence agencies or hacker control. And flight mode is not an effective way of defense, because apple iOS in flight mode will also be able to use the GPS service.”Believe in a” black “the flight mode of mobile phone is like letting a drunken people whether they are awake enough to drive,” they wrote.The team put forward a vision: to create a device that can detect hardware and continuously scan, detect whether there is a signal in transmission, rather than through the mobile phone software to find suspicious information.

Teamed up with Chinese hackers, snowden to do automatic protection to monitor the following from apple
They think that the study can be applied to all mobile phones, but now they are 4.7 inches of the iPhone 6 production of this equipment.

Can resist information monitoring of “following”
Teamed up with Chinese hackers, snowden to do automatic protection to monitor the following from apple
In lengthy and precise technical analysis about “how the iPhone to send signals”, after they finally showed their creation, this device looks more like a battery Case.

In fact, it will also act as the role.
This additional hardware devices can provide a certain power supply for the iPhone, when a user of the equipment can be monitored when signal – when there should be no signal transmission receiver signal – or in honeycomb, bluetooth, GPS, WiFi “sell” them.
Although this equipment has not produced, found they only stay in the stage of research and technical analysis,snowden and Huang Xin countries plan to make a prototype devices within this year.
“Because of low capital, project mainly in the volunteer work, if the donation increases their progress will accelerate the speed,” they wrote. “If the prototype is successful, the freedom of the press foundation (FPF) may further raise the necessary funds, to develop and maintain the supply chain. So the FPF also can configure improved iPhone 6 equipment is in high-risk work under the environment of journalists to provide on-site service.”

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