Since nokia phones empire collapsed, smartphones began to rise. You need a following, but in the face of good and evil people mixed up market.

A lot of cheap and without any protection.Decoration is greater than the practical shanzhai products gem, following what is good? So ~ we
said today is:What conditions are required to “a good following from?”
We usually have three criteria: material, design, and to work and to evaluate the quality of the following
from and on the basis of these, plus the:
Tough materials, excellent design, fine workmanship
Constitute a good following, and Evutec following comply with the above points.
Strength of the material
Evutec kay fulla fiber materials, because of this new type of material strength steel five times.But the
density is only 1/5 of the steel, tough wear-resisting, flexibility.It is the best mobile phone protection
shell materials; Militarily more used in body armor, vehicles, known as “armored guards.

cell phone case

3 Good design
Evutec using laser cutting technology, including kay fulla S following from thin to 0.7 mm, thin flexible,
close skin touch, makes you almost feel its existence.

4 SI internal use PU soft shell design, to protect the fuselage scratched. “Green” form of hollow out design
at the same time.The gaps between shell and the fuselage, benefit at body temperature.

5 Slightly above the edge of the lens design, effectively prevent the daily scratch the lens in use process.

6 Delicate do manual work

7 Excellence, following from seamless joint, and mobile phones at the same time to ensure that every hole
accurate, fine point will be.

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8 By the U.S. military MIL – STD – 801 – g test standard, protect the high-tech scratch-resistant coating on
the surface of the shell, strong and durable, full protect your mobile phone.

9 In addition, Evutec not only fulla, kay also offers a variety of materials.Different colors for your choice.

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